Makes a great gift for friends and family members who have carpet in their home or office. Available in any amount. Call us today and we'll deliver it tomorrow!

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Thank you for considering Ron's Carpet Care of the Quad Cities.

When I first arrive I will ask you to walk me through the areas to clean. Please point out what your concern are so that I can pay special attention to them as I clean

To clean your carpet I will apply my dry-clean solution which dissolves soils and stains on contact and then absorbed and extracted using my dry-clean machine.

My dry-clean machine not only cleans the carpets but it lifts the fibers up to their fullest height giving even tired stairways a like-new appearance.


When I'm through I'll walk you back through the areas for your final approval. Best of all, not only will your carpets be clean, they'll be dry and ready to use!


MY PROMISE: If you ever need help with any future accidents, you can call me to come out to help you at no additional charge. My competitors think I'm stupid for offering this and I'm glad they do because that means....they won't! (Available only in the Quad City metro area. Gratuity Appreciated.)


Again, thank you for inviting me into your home or place of business to help make it beautiful.

Ron DeRegules



In order to follow CDC Guidelines, I am requesting that

distancing be maintained. Now accepting credit/debit card 


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